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It Doesn’t Have to be a Butterfly

It Doesn’t Have to be a Butterfly

Focus Your Joy:  It doesn’t have to be a ButterflySo often people are looking for the perfect situation, the perfect place, the perfect circumstance. What I recently discovered, though, is that the best things come in many packages and are disguised in many...

How to Prevent Wrinkles: The Full Story

Do you feel you understand how to stop your skin from wrinkling? Do you want to do something more about it right now? Are those ads with amazing pictures, claiming to be “grandma’s miracle wrinkle remedy” true? How about the fancy name wrinkle reducer creams, endorsed...

Best Anti-Acne Skin Care Tips

Signs: small bumps and pustules along the hair line, forehead, jaw line, neck, back, and chest Tips: always wash after sweating using a zinc pyrithione cleanser to control the pityrosporum yeast. Alternate this with a pore cleanser that can loosen clogged pores using...

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