Navigating the Changes in Life

Life is constantly changing.  Some changes like marriage, birth or adoption of a child or a new job or house are positive and bring wonderful things into our lives.  Others are not so happy. And some can be downright devastating, making us wonder how to navigate this new reality.  Faced with the loss of a child or spouse, loss of a job, serious illness or similar event, it can seem overwhelming and leave you not knowing where to turn.

We are creatures of habit.  The truth is, whether change is positive or devastating, it requires an adjustment and creates the need for access to new resources.  Navigating Life Changes is dedicated to helping you find those resources in Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas.  Whatever changes life brings you, our mission is put you in touch with the things that can help you find your way through it.

Find Resources For: 

  • Getting Married
  • Adoption
  • Having a Child
  • New Job
  • New Home
  • Retirement
  • Caring for Parents or Other Loved One
  • Different Stages of Raising Children
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a Child, Spouse or other Loved One
  • Identity Theft/Legal Issues
  • Natural Disaster
  • Loss of Job or Home
  • Major Illness or Injury of Self or Loved One
  • & Many Other Major Life Changes


Getting married, having or adopting a child, starting a new job or moving into your dream home is a wonderful time in life.  If you are planning one of these events, as excited as you may be, there are still many things that should put into place to make it go as smoothly as possible.  Adding a child to your family may mean needing more space or careful financial planning.  You need experts who have your back to make sure that dream home doesn’t become a nightmare.  Find advice and tips from leading experts who have your best interest in mind.  

For every positive possible change in life there is an opposite distressing change that you may one day find yourself faced with.  If you have lost a child, spouse or other loved one, are facing divorce, received a devastating diagnosis or are dealing with any other major traumatic change we want to help you find the resources and tools to help you through it.  Read tips and ideas from professionals who have help others who were where you are now and from others who have been there themselves.

Some resources are universal and needed whether you are facing a positive or challenging change.  Since all changes involve some degree of stress, tips for managing it can help anyone.  Taking care of your physical and emotional health is important.  Financial planning is needed if you’re happily adding to your family or excited about retirement just as much as it’s needed when you’re faced with losing a spouse or faced with divorce.  Find tips and advice that will help you through any type of situation.

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