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Realtors that suggest that their clients make updates before selling, are often asked, “Do you have anyone you could recommend?”

Not having an answer isn’t great but providing a bad contractor is even worse.

Consider these points when choosing a contractor:

1.  Licensed (and insured) contractors are a must

Anyone can claim to do the work, but not everyone is licensed. In some cases, they may even do a great job, but the Agent and the homeowner are taking a big risk.

There are liability issues for working directly with unlicensed contractors. 

Licensed contractors should also carry insurance in case someone gets hurt on the job. Otherwise, the homeowner could end up responsible for those medical bills.

2.  Fraud is on the rise

Contractor fraud is a growing problem. The Inspection Support Network’s Home Improvement Scams Trends Report 2022 noted that the Federal Trade Commission received 16,486 reports of fraud in 2022 as compared to closer to 7,000 in 2018. This boom was exacerbated by the pandemic.

Although the numbers have dropped since 2021, agents should be aware of these contractor scams. They can involve everything from misleading proposals and cash payments to material substitutions and false invoices. 

3.  Traditional contractors can be problematic

In real estate, time and quality is of the essence. There has been a noticeable deficit in contractor availability nationwide, sometimes taking weeks to get someone out for an estimate. The truth is, you cannot afford to wait in real estate. On top of that, the overall experience with traditional contractors can be discouraging with fuzzy communication and timelines, leaving both you and your clients in the dark.

Rest assured, there are ways to help homeowners secure quality tradespeople. Working with a reputable, experienced real estate brokerage is an important first step. 

Rosenblum Realty is committed to cultivating lifelong relationships that help people live the life they’ve dreamed about.  As a 4th generation, family-owned, professional full-service Real Estate Company that has served Huntsville and the North Alabama region for 66 years, Rosenblum Realty has a proven performance record in assisting individuals, families, and investors in purchasing or selling a home.  Rosenblum Realty is also very active as a Leasing/Renting and Property Management company specializing in the rental of single family homes. 

With all this experience, we can refer homeowners to a reliable contractor!

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